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IGLOO experience


If you have more than 6 in your party, please call 260-745-9355 for reservations.




We use Tock, for all of our reservations, including igloos. 

How do you get an igloo? Select "The Igloo Experience" on our Tock page. If you do not see available times that means all Igloos are booked for that day. You can still make a reservation for the restaurant and sit in the dinning room and still enjoy all the same great food and cocktails. 

There is a minimum spending per your party size for food and drinks. The reasoning behind this is because you have the Igloo for 2 hours and we need to take care of our staff.

Minimums are as follows: 

2-3 people $75

4-5 people $150

6 people $225

The igloos are not always considered "warm" to everyone's personal temperature preference. If it is below 30 degrees outside, the igloo will be between 55 and 65 degrees. This is a plastic dome that is sitting on an outdoor patio space; therefore, it will not always be 70-75 degrees. We think that this is part of the fun - wear layers, bring blankets, order hot drinks - it's Winter, let's embrace it!

Due to Fire Code:

  • The maximum party size is 6 people.

  • We cannot have more than one heater in the igloo.

  • We cannot burn candles in the igloo.

Igloo Information:

  • Igloo Reservations are for November 1, 2022 through March 31, 2023.

  • Igloos can be booked for 2 to 6 people. ​

  • Reservation times are limited to 2-hour blocks

  • Igloo reservations have a time limit of 2-hours per party.

  • No credit card holds.

  • No pets allowed in the igloo.

  • Tiny humans are allowed, we are all ages in the igloos.

Each of our 6 igloos offer the following accommodations:

  • Full Dining and Drink Menu

  • Bluetooth Speaker

  • Space Heater

  • Themed décor

  • Host parties of up to 6

We recommend that you bring blankets and jackets along with your favorite playlist for the ultimate igloo experience!



  1. When will the igloos be available?
    The igloos will be available from November 1 to March 31 (or later into April if weather has not improved).

  2. Do I need to make a reservation or can I simply walk-in and get an igloo?
    Reservations are
    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED because igloos are only available in 2 hour blocks. If you arrive and one is open you may not get your 2 hour block without a reservation. Minimums still apply. 

  3.  I need to cancel my igloo, how do I do that?
    You can cancel through Tock, or you can email us at


  1. Are the igloos warm in the winter? 
    Layers, wear layers. The igloos do have a natural greenhouse effect to them, providing some warmth from the sunlight. We will also have an electric heater in each igloo. This does not mean that the igloos will be a 75 degree environment, so we do recommend bringing your own blankets and wearing jackets, sweaters, etc. The igloos should be around 60-65 degrees, but there may be some variances based on how much your party opens the door and whether it's night or daytime.

  2. We are celebrating a birthday/anniversary, can I bring in a cake and presents? Yes! We offer the birthday boy/girl a free dessert, but you may also bring in a store-bought cake. The cake must be from a Board of Health approved location - a grocery store or local bakery with a store front. We cannot accept homemade cakes due to Board of Health rules and regulations. And, please bring in gifts, presents, balloons, etc. The only limitation is that we cannot have candles or any type of lit flame in the igloos due to Fire Code.

  3. What else are you doing with and around the igloos on the patio?
    You will have your own Bluetooth speaker in the igloo to play whatever music you'd like to have for the evening. You'll also have your own light source in the igloo for an intimate experience.

  4. Can I bring my kids?
    Yes, we love kids and they are permitted to be in the igloos and in almost every space in our building. We do caution that a 2-hour reservation in a confined space may be taxing on the little ones with short attention spans. You can always hook into our guest wi-fi network for iPad movies, etc.

  5. Since you have a dog-friendly patio, can I bring my dog (or cat)?
    Unfortunately not. The igloos are made of a material that could easily be destroyed by an excitable pooch, so we're limiting pets to goldfish only.

  6. I'm not a fan of cocktails or hard spirits, do you have other options? 
    Of course, we always have non-alcoholic options including N/A cocktails, sodas. We now have a beer and wine license too and we serve regional craft beer and wine along with other domestics.

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