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If you are in need to Hand Sanitzer personally or for your business or organization, please click on the following link to fill out our:

Hand Sanitizer Request Form

Hand Sanitizer Update:

(Friday, 3/20/2020, 2:09pm)

-We are currently out of hand sanitizer but hope to have more mid-week (3/25/2020).

-We have enough alcohol on hand to make 330 gallons of hand sanitizer.

-We are prioritizing donations as recommended by the Health Department, which lists priority as: 1. Critical/Essential Services, 2.Open Daycare/Childcare/Homeless Shelters, 3. Open Food Service Organizations, 4. Open Groceries, 5. Open Food Banks - but will do everything we can to make as much as possible for all of the requests we receive.

-Hoping to service everyone in need, so please fill out the Hand Sanitizer Request Form.

-To the extent possible, we are looking to produce & source additional alcohol and will continue to provide updates along the way.

Help Us Make Hand Sanitizer:
It costs us $12 per gallon to make (not including labor or overhead). We have donated over 130 gallons in just two days and have been flooded with more requests. We are asking for donations (via GoFundMe) to help us to buy the products to make more hand sanitizer to donate to those in need. We have set a goal of raising $16,000, which will allow us to buy supplies for 4 batches of hand sanitizer (1,320 gallons). 100% of donations will go towards purchasing supplies to make and distribute hand sanitizer. You could also support us by ordering carry-out or buying spirits from us.

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