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Donated to Those in need

Currently, 100% of our Focus is to Meet the Needs of our Community.

Our goal is to provide hand sanitizer to those most at-risk working in critical and essential service groups first and then anyone who asks. Such groups specifically include local first responders, hospitals, and care facilities. Please know that we are committed to finding the necessary ingredients and producing hand sanitizer as much as we can for as long as we can.

While this has been a challenging time for everyone in our community, we take solace in the fact that we are providing a valuable resource of hand sanitizer to our community. If you have the means to help support this mission, please consider giving to our GoFundMe page for us to purchase additional materials and ingredients. 

If you are in need of Hand Sanitizer personally or for your business or organization, please fill out your information on the Request Form.


We will Contact You with an email or phone call when we can fill your request.  We are endeavoring to get hand sanitizer to everyone.  Our requests are overwhelming, and our supply is limited.  We ask for your patience as we are working through a whole new business model. Due to the volume of phone calls we are receiving, our phone system (and staff) cannot keep up. We are not longer able to accept phone calls for requests, please either fill out the Request Form to get your name on the list for hand sanitizer or Email Us if you have a question.

It costs us $15 per gallon to make (not including labor or overhead). We have donated over 370 gallons in just five days and have been flooded with more requests. We are asking for donations (via GoFundMe) to help us to buy the products to make more hand sanitizer to donate to those in need. We have set a goal of raising $16,000, which will allow us to buy supplies for 4 batches of hand sanitizer (1,320 gallons). 100% of donations will go towards purchasing supplies to make and distribute hand sanitizer.

Friday, April 3, 2020


  • We have received over 660 gallons of donations in Isopropyl Alcohol to manufacture hand sanitizer and we are very appreciative and thankful to those companies who have donated from their own supply. Although we are forever grateful, this is still not nearly enough to keep up with our community’s demand and we are still seeking more donations for isopropyl alcohol 99%. (Thank you to Carlex, DR Lubricants, Trade My Gun, Univertical, and an anonymous donor).


  • We were able to order 220 gallons of isopropyl alcohol from a supplier, but they would only give us that amount, nothing more. We keep attempting each day to contact suppliers and order more, but it all seems to be allocated or vendors are not accepting new customers.


  • We were able to purchase 2 totes of ethanol, thankfully. This will give us a supply of 530 gallons of ethanol to produce hand sanitizer for you.


  • Notable in-kind donations to us are the design for our labels from CODO Design, printing of our labels from Keefer Printing, the inactive ingredient Glycerol from The Medicine Chest (240L donated), 150 buckets from PPG Paints, 11,000 2 ounce bottles from Harley Dodge, and 1 gallon buckets from CK Products.


  • The total gallons in the pipeline for us to produce based on our current donations and orders from vendors is an additional 1,276 gallons of hand sanitizer.


  • As of 4/2/2020, we have donated 437 gallons of hand sanitizer to 154 first responders, businesses, organizations, and residents in a 200 mile radius.



  • Our demand has increased significantly in one week’s time. We have received 584 requests and we receive an additional 20-50 requests per day.


  • We are still prioritizing first responders, healthcare organizations and critical/essential services groups for the distribution of sanitizer and we are working closely with the Allen County Health Department.


  • Please note, we take these allocations very seriously. It is not an easy task to decide who received sanitizer first.


  • We will email you or call you when sanitizer is available for you, your organization or your household.


  • If you need additional sanitizer beyond our initial donation, please submit an additional inquiry to the form.


  • Our GoFundMe account is upwards of $12,000 now! Thank you so much to all who have supported us. We are so appreciative that you have opened your hearts to the community to keep our essential workers and high-risk residents safe.

  • Because our demand for hand sanitizer has more than doubled in one week’s time, so has our need for donations and funds. The $16,000 initial goal on GoFundMe will not get us to where we need to be to serve the community. We’ve nearly spent those funds in purchasing raw materials, including: bottles, caps, hydrogen peroxide, ethanol, and isopropyl alcohol.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020


  • Our primary focus is still distributing to First Responders and Healthcare Providers. We have not yet reached the end of those lists (and we continue to receive additional requests from First Responders and Healthcare Providers daily.)

  • We hope to begin distributing to Critical/Essential Service businesses and organizations by the end of this week.

  • We hope that next week we can begin to fulfill requests for groups beyond First Responders, Healthcare Providers, and Critical/Essential Service businesses and organizations.

Raw Materials:

  • We have received a total of 5 drums of isopropyl alcohol in donations from area industries. This allowed us to make 360 gallons of hand sanitizer.

  • We will receive a delivery of 4 more drums of isopropyl alcohol next week.

  • After striking out with our current vendors for sourcing large amounts of alcohol, we finally connected with a broker that can provide us with 540 gallons of ethanol.

  • We are distilling our own alcohol every day to produce hand sanitizer, but these quantities are much smaller. It takes us about a week of distilling to produce 80 gallons of usable alcohol at a high proof for the sanitizer.


  • We have our label designed for various sized bottles. We are currently getting quotes from our printer in hopes that a donation or partial donation will be made.

  • We are sourcing bottles and caps, which is proving to be another commodity in high demand with limited availability.


  • We are so grateful for the outpouring of financial support!

  • As our efforts to source materials are starting to pay off, we need these funds to be able to purchase the materials. Prices have increased tremendously over the past two weeks.

  • Currently, we have raised $10,000 through direct personal and business donations, as well as through our GoFundMe page.This allows us to produce an additional 665 gallons of sanitizer.

Friday, March 27, 2020


  • We have been able to source and produce active and inactive ingredients for sanitizer over the last week. To date, we have produced and distributed around 370 gallons of hand sanitizer. (The first distributions predominantly went to first responders, hospitals, and healthcare organizations.)

  • When we have hand sanitizer available for you and your organization, we will email or call you to let you know that it is available for you to pick-up.

  • We are continuing to produce alcohol, as well as attempt to purchase additional alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and glycerol. It continues to be challenging to do this. The availability of ingredients changes hourly, as does the governments rules, regulations and their plans for buying all available ingredients.

  • We are using the World Health Organization recommended formulas for producing effective hand sanitizer as recommended by the TTB (Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau). The TTB is federal agency that oversees our industry. The TTB is being advised by the FDA on the effective manufacturing of hand sanitizer.

  • We are also required to label all hand sanitizer that we distribute under FDA guidelines. Until last Thursday (3/19/2020) we had not before made hand sanitizer or worked with the FDA; we are doing our best to work through this learning curve as quickly as possible.

  • We will continue to make as much hand sanitizer as possible while we are able to source and produce all ingredients needed.



  • We have received a significant number of inquiries for hand sanitizers. Over 275 inquiries representing over 500,000 people employed or served by those organizations, as well as many requests from households throughout our region.

  • We’ve received an additional 20-30 requests per day.

  • We are currently prioritizing first responders, healthcare organizations and critical/essential services groups for first distribution of sanitizer as recommended by the Allen County Health Department. Within those groups, we are distributing based on date of inquiry received. We started receiving requests for sanitizer on March 19, 2020

  • Please note, we take these allocations very seriously. It is not an easy task to decide who received sanitizer first.

  • We will email you or call you when sanitizer is available for you, your organization or your household.

  • If you need additional sanitizer beyond our initial donation, please submit an additional inquiry to the form.



  • We’ve received over $6,200 in donations from over 100 donors which have gone directly to making over 500 gallons of hand sanitizer (close to 1 ½ batches of sanitizer for us).


  • We’ve also received amazing donations in the form of active and inactive ingredients, containers, design services (for labels) etc..