OUR suppliers



These values are important to the ethos of our business and we strive to work with suppliers who subscribe to the same belief standards. It's important for us to source local whenever possible and keep dollars circulating in our community. We've also found that working with people in our community allows for us to grow stronger together and work collectively through any hurdles, rather than calling a 1-800 number in hopes to find solutions. The list below are local suppliers to our distillery and restaurant and why we love working with them:

  • Heritage Grains, LLCa cooperative of farmers in Bluffton, Indiana. We source organic, non-GMO grain from them that are milled on demand for us.

  • Anne-Grey Cooperage - a cooper (barrel-maker) in Fort Wayne, Indiana using 42-month air-seasoned wood.

  • Utopian Coffee Co.our distiller and their roaster worked together to find the perfect roast for our coffee liqueur. They then work with farmers in South American countries to ensure quality and sustainability.

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