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Three Rivers Distilling Co. Re-brands

FORT WAYNE, IN – Three Rivers Distilling Co. (TRDC) has rebranded to better reflect its

company culture through marketing at its downtown Fort Wayne location, bar shelves,

and retail stores. Since distilling its first spirits in March 2016, TRDC has grown

significantly, with the addition of a restaurant and bar as well as the number of retailers

receiving distribution. TRDC worked with CODO Design in Indianapolis, a branding and

design firm specializing in the craft brewing industry, to rebuild its visual brand. The new

brand includes a new logo, new bottles, new labels, new names for its spirits, and limited release artisan series spirits, including Distillery Dog Bourbon, Cake Stand Bourbon, and Hint of Jala’ Vodka.

“Three Rivers is that perfect client you always look for,” says CODO co-founder, Isaac

Arthur. “Their team is full of smart, passionate people who are all constantly striving to

improve on an already fantastic product. The fact that their grain and barrels come from

northern Indiana alone blew us away. We’re honored to have been able to work with their team on the rebrand and can’t wait to see what this updated look does for their


Three Rivers Distilling Co.’s distillers have made great strides to continuously improve its

spirits. The production team worked with consultants from Kentucky – home to the

experts in the aged-spirits industry to refine production processes of aged and clear

spirits. With their help, they’ve transitioned their spirits into what you’ll taste today,

which have vastly improved in quality from the initial release of the products.

“We’ve been working for over a year now on developing our new brand,” said Marla

Schneider, president of TRDC. “It was important for us to involve our staff to create

something that felt true to our personality and our ethos. We are proud of the products

and our brand promise provided to consumers through the hard work of our entire


Three Rivers Distilling Co.’s spirits can be found at retailers throughout Indiana, online in

Illinois through BigFish Spirits, and in major metros in Kentucky. In Northeast Indiana, its

spirits can be found at Belmont Beverage, Cap n’ Cork, Costco, Meijer, and Target.

About Three Rivers Distilling Company

Three Rivers Distilling Company is Fort Wayne’s only distillery located in downtown Fort

Wayne. We create authentically hand-crafted spirits in small batches from locallysourced

materials and ingredients. Our spirits are available at our distillery and at

retailers in Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky. For more information, please visit


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